Rena’s dub ruins the moment. Nothing is sacred anymore. “No, it’s not!”


Why God? Why!?

While I was browsing Youtube the other day I found this. I found the English dubbed version of Higurashi and I think I died a little inside. This video covers many scenes from the Onikakushi Arc which, you could say, contains the best of Rena but not according to the dub they aren’t. Lee, Mela is the voice actor for Rena Ryuugu and does a awful job at it. She does the unforgivable. She screws up one of the most epic moments in Anime history! Man, I still think that the term voice actor is a bit much for these people but I’ll save that for later.

Usually I don’t particularly go looking for English dubbed version of the shows I watched. Come on, we all know dubs are going to fail at some level but the bigger question is how hard? I never really thought about this but the word cicada in English sounds really dumb. Try saying Higurashi. Now try saying Cicada. See the difference?  Thanks for playing btw. Here’s my take on the Dub.

Rena’s dub ruins the f’ing moment (@’s)


@4:15  -3 for bad acting. Lame voice acting.

The guy who voices Keichi sound way older and his voice just plain doesn’t cut it. Especially when he’s slamming that door “Just go home ” part. It was BAD. He sounded more like he is having a heart attack or chocking on something probably on his guilty for doing such a horrible job.  In case you haven’t noticed his voice sounds extremely freaky @ 4:15.  This makes the scene sounds rather awkward than shocking. 

@5:45 +1 sounds ok. Can laugh +1

Actually I didn’t think Mion‘s voice sounded that bad. It was no Yukino, Satsuki. Saying something like would be blasphemy to my favorite female seiyuu of all time. However, the English VA it didn’t bother me as much as the others. I’ll explain: her voice does sound tomboyish enough and lively but not too much either. It does help that her voice doesn’t sound very forced and it does natural kind of natural to me.  And finally someone who can laugh properly! I don’t hate you I just dislike a bit less than I do the others.   Kudos to you girl.


All Hail the queen

The biggest issue here is the voice of the most important character of Higurashi, that is, Rena Ryuugu. I DO NOT approve of the English voice they chose. The truth is that she tried to imitate Rena’s cute voice but failed miserably. It seems awfully forced to me. Why the hell do they always sound like their chewing gum or something when they try to do cute voices? Spit out damm your gum, people!

Back on topic, actually this isn’t the part I was referring to. This is not as bad as it seems. It’s the part where she laughs (dubbed) that makes me want to claw my own throat out when I hear it.  It’s so damm horrible. Here’s a link to the  english dubbed Uso Da (Liar!) version and here is the original USO DA btw. No contest.

The one and only Rena Ryuugu (japanese version)

This is how you do it.

@ 0:26 For terrible translation -1

Sweet red bean sticky rice. Did I hear that right? I must be having hearing problems because I’m sure I didn’t just hear that one right. What exactly is this sticky rice thing you speak of? I mean really. Oh wait, you mean an Onigiri? And here I thought that we were talking about some kind of asian donut.  Yes, it seems  we’re that ignorant that we cannot handle foreign food names. Thanks for giving us enough credit. Much appreciated.

@1:45 NO just plain no  (brace yourselves) -5

God Lord, man. What exactly is this crap!? This is not the crazy laugh of an epic psycho killerloli. This sounds more like a hysterical old witch laughter  instead (a very bad one) I strongly felt like I wanted to slap whoever is dubbing Rena really hard at this moment. This is by far the worst part of the english dub. It is SOOOOOO bad.  No, bad is not enough. It’s horrendous. Please, make it stop.

@4:20 Sounds fake fake -2

@ 2:47 For some reason I liked her “How are you doing?”+.5

@ 2:59 Giggle seemed real +.5

@ 3:25 Kana, Kana? +1

“Why are you being so mean to me, to me?” I like how they at least kept Rena’s peculiar way of speaking. .

@ 3:32 “NO, IT’S NOT!” +3

“NO, IT’s NOT!” wasn’t half bad. It actually sounded quite powerful and convincing to me. I think the voice actor did put some effort on it this time around or maybe she didn’t have any coffee that morning hence her mood. Congrats anyway. I actually bought it. Biggest Highlight of Rena’s dub in this whole travesty.


@ 4:47 Terribad -2

Ugh, I hated Ooishi voice’s even in the original version so I doubted that I would dislike the dubbed version even more. To my surprise, I hate the dubbed version even more.  It wasn’t unlike KAI that I started to think that Ooishi wasn’t that bad of a guy after all.  In the dub Ooishi sounds more like a heavy smoker and drinker than anything. I kid you not.  I despise his voice.

@ ??? No Nippah -3

Rika and Sakoto. They actually sound older than Rena and Mion. Sakoto’s voice when she rants is rather annoying then again it was annoying in the first place.  Boo, Rika’s voice does not sound loli at all. What is this? There is no NIPPAH! Where is maa NIPPAH? There is none! PHAIL.

@ ??? Decent +.5

Tomikate meh, his original voice wasn’t that spectacular. He did get what? Only a few lines in each arc before he was killed. Moving on to Takano.

@ ??? Not sexy enough! Grr -2

Takano So they didn’t have enough fun screwing up Rena’s voice b-but not Takano too! Her voice still sounds very calm and collected like it should but her voice *problem* is NOT SEXY ENOUGH. Takano’s original hawt voice sounded like she worked for 1800-xxx-000 hotline. Who knows maybe that was her part time after all and we just didn’t know. It’s really a shame what they did to the sexiest voice in the show here. Now the English-speaking people will never know her true potential. Sad tale, isn’t it? *Tear*

That ends the English Dubbed rant for Higurashi, that is. Where do I go from? Not watching the Higurashi dubbed ever again that’s for sure. Who knows maybe, I’ll take a shot at the Lucky Star, Code Geass or Death Note dub, ah DN dubbed now that one is funny as hell. Now, where did I leave that potato chip?


3 thoughts on “Rena’s dub ruins the moment. Nothing is sacred anymore. “No, it’s not!”

  1. shion sounds ok, but man rena does sound bad. you’re right, her laugh is more like a crazy witch than a killer loli.

    i feel like english dubs never sound quite right. even when they’re done pretty well, the vocal tonality’s always just a bit off. although i can’t put my finger on it.

    and don’t get me started when they mispronounce japanese names and words. i mean, it doesn’t have to be perfect, but it’s not that hard to get it in the general ballpark.

    you can check out the geass dub here:

    i haven’t watched it through, so can’t say how good it is, it generally seems ok, but i was VERY disappointed by lelouch and cc’s dub. gone is the jun fukuyama epicness and in place is the voice of a regular teenager. cc sounds ok for a normal woman but is missing the mysterious, sexy quality.

  2. I watched the whole first CG episode (dubbed) *shivers* Ok ok, Code Geass dub wasn’t so dreadful but I did not like Luluch (like it is pronounced in English) either. Man, it wasn’t charismatic at all. It just sounded very plain. The same deal with C.C’s. It was very normal and not sexy enough. Lame.

    Lol what ticks me off the most was how they mispronounce just about everything. For example, instead of Suzaku it was SuZAku. Maybe, I’m just too used to the way the Japanese pronounces foreign names and nouns because I like Rurūshu Ranperūji instead of Luluch. Also, I think they completely failed to pronounce the name of the 11’s town because I have no idea what Clovis exactly said on that part. In addition, Charles’ voice was also very plain. There was no impact. Wakamoto puts such a strong intonation/emphasizes on the characters he plays that he just puts just about anyone to shame. Lastly, Lloyd wasn’t fabulous enough.

    Bummer. Well, at least it was far better than the Higurashi English dubbed for sure. So I hear that L has a british accent…

  3. aw man, you’re right. they gave L a nondescript British accent. Now he just sounds like every other Sherlock Holmes wannabe. Totally ruins the mystique of his character.

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