Gundam 00 S2 17 – No copyright infrigment (fake)



And read between the lines.

With all the copyright laws nowadays I decided to turn this Gundam entry into something else.  There are no Gundam OO screen caps this time around INSTEAD we get some crappy doodles that I drew while I was half asleep. Surely, these weak doodles cannot even be considered fan art so no copyright infrigment is commited here, would it? Furthermore, to avoid further copyright infriment I will change all the name of the characters to characters to Setsubou, Loco, Tiara, Amen and so and so fourth



Apparently, SuLu has always had a grudge against his father for letting her mom died in the battlefield and for banishing and turning him and his sister into political tools in the Sakuradite conflict. His hatred for his father grew larger over the years, reason why he joined the military.


Ali Saachez’s mentor

Years later he joined the A-laws where he thought he would find the power that change the world through his actions as a mere grunt. Wishing for a better world where he and his crippled sister LoUiSe could live in.


Schnezil is still following Aeolia’s plan to lead humanity to the next level or so he claims. However, at this point I’m not so sure he’s really doing it at all. It sounds more like he has his own agenda to me. Let’s see.. creating his own fabulous harem and dressing up Louise with lolita clothes sounds like something someone with his own agenda would do. 

He goes on to explain that he knows about humanity, their foolishness, hatred, wars etc etc.  Of course, who would know more about humanity than a robot/android, huh? Just my two cents.


If only there was some Chidori or Bonta-kun equivalent in Gundam I would rate this show higher.

Back on CB’s base, Setsubou is having the injury that Gauron gave him treated.  He overhears that Tsunami’s plan to stop A-Lols and wants in.


You know what’s really sad?  Even though these are simply doodles, this guy actually looks almost as good as the original. Theory? Simple drawn characters usually die in anime. And these sketches probably look better than Minami-ke animation.

So finally the two the lame A-lols captains have died. First the guy who I don’t what’s his name with grey hair and this other guy what is his name guy also. I guess it’s time to promote some other scrub soldier to captain. Maybe Sergei’s son or even Louise would be interested.



Actually this weak Tsumani sketch isn’t that bad.  If I were to ask Tsunami a question it would be… What kind of shampoo do you use? You might differ on this one and ask something different yourself.


Not a Gundam! I call it an Arbalest.

Setsubou wants to prevent the A-lols from firing Memento Mori which also sounds alot like Keikaku Doori  and uses his new beam sword to hack it apart. Bam! Unfortunately, Damocles is still able to fire it anyways. Didn’t think of that, Setsubou, DID YA?!


lol they even have the same voice actor

Meanwhile Loco, Tiara, and Amen doing their best to save hundreds if not thousands of people from certain death.  Long story short, everyone forgets their grudges and differences for a moment and work together to save the civilians. But not everyone is a happy camper.


 Remember the first episode of TSR. Now picture Tiara in ep 08..

71Smile for the camera

I knew that Kalinin was not needed anymore.  I saw no point in keeping him in the anime any longer either. I think Sunrise actually agreed with me for once. Bye-bye.


This one looks more like a guy than a girl. Or maybe it’s due to the increasing amount of traps in anime nowadays that my drawing skills are so messed up now that I can’t tell the difference between them or I’m too lazy to actually draw it properly.  I suppose that in the next episode she’ll be out to get revenge on Sulu for killing his mentor and lover, Kalinin (assuming he’s dead)

Am I cool yet? NO

This takes me back. It’s been a while since I’ve drawn anything aside from abstract drawing.  Although I can’t say that I’d be interested in drawing Gundam characters ever again. Possibly the only truth here is that I’m terribad at drawing mechas and sometimes I wonder if I’m watching the same show just with different names.

*In case you didn’t know this was all started by SKC when they posted some news about Sunrise and Latin demanding the removal of anime screen caps. Silly I know. In reality, this was all Latin’s doing and everything is all cleared up now hence why his post was created.


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  1. haha, nice job! the fuzzy blonde haired general dude actually does look just like the real guy. smirnov and saji are pretty close too.

    lotsa similarities, but i gotta admit i really liked ep 17.

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