Update : Getting my priorities straight


Katta! Didn’t I say that things are always better when they go according to plan? Well they are. This is exactly how I feel right now. Why? Well, so far this year has been great and I mean great. Fine, maybe not for the anime world but at least for me.  I can firmly say Keikaku doori. So much that I just might take a potato chip  and eat it *dramatic music*. Sadly, I cannot eat potato chips in such epic way but I sure try. 

So even though I’m full time again I still have more free time that I figured and that’s actually good. To my surprise, lectures about codes, procedures, and other technical stuff aren’t as boring as I thought or maybe is because I’m putting extra effort. There are still some thick books that I have to read and plenty of stuff to memorize for this semester and possibly for the next one and the next one too. Hmm, so if you ever wonder what else I might be doing there’s your answer.

That aside, I have this crazy idea for a post…err posts actually. Here’s more or less what’s in store for the following weeks.

Gundam 00 s2 latest ep.
A Maria+Holic post.
Chaos;HEAd : Yua
Kuro-kami anime vs manga
. Oh Sunrise. This is going to be fun.
Another Gundam post.
Are you fabulous enough? A very fabulous post.
A Rena Ryuugu post.
Laws of anime (part 2) – featuring <insert anime here>
Death Note “explained” (characters, anime ending vs manga, rant, you name it),
Dubs. Oh how I hate thee.
Another Death Note related post (manga)
A game review
Feature character : <insert name>
A Just as planned post.

Not in that exact order btw. So I was also planning on incorporating some new sections like “Featured character” and “Monologue” to the blog. The first one is basically to talk about a certain character that I felt the need to talk about in a positive or negative way (hopefully positive). Now the other one.. if you’ve read any of monologues you have a pretty good idea of how they work.  That should get me to the end of March and maybe April.  That is all for now~


4 thoughts on “Update : Getting my priorities straight

  1. speaking of death note, have you seen the live action death note? it’s sort of hammy, and i dont think they picked the right actor for light, but the actor for L is great. and i actually like how they ended the movie much better than how they ended the anime. although i guess that depends on whether you’re a light or L fan. =)

  2. I’m not a fan of live action movies. Higurashi live action? Anyone? But since I’ve already read the manga and watched the anime. You know what. I should really watch the movie (dl’ed it but never watched it) one of these days just for the sake of it. Who knows, I might like it. At least, I’m sure I’ll like better than the travesty that Hollywood is making right now. That’s for sure.

    I don’t think many people liked the actor who played Light either. For what I’ve seen and heard he really doesn’t make Light justice (the irony) or resemble him at all. Heck, I look more like Light than him lawl expect of course less self-righteous, less calculating, and I cannot do things like eating potato chips in such dramatic way. Emphasis on the potato chip part. Very important.

    Dammit, I knew I should’ve auditioned for the role when I had the chance and who knows I just might’ve gotten the part. Hopefully, I’ll make it to the Code Geass auditions when they turn in into a live action movie (there’s a crazy idea) That’ll give me a great excuse to purchase the Ashford academy uniform and Zero custom on ebay and cosplay for the first time at the same time. So far I got the Ore-wa Zero! and Ore-wa segi down now only +1800 kanji characters to memorize and whole language to go and I’m good to go.

  3. yeah, i thought it’d be hard to get light wrong, i mean all you need is a pretty sharp looking guy with an arrogant streak, but the guy they picked looked like he’d just rolled out of bed.

    oh, i havent seen it (besides trailers), but i read terrible things about the higurashi live action. the first thing that throws me is when real life actors dont have the same color hair as the anime version. but anyway, i dont know how you screw something up when the source material is SO good.

    lol, i think i would be very scared about a live action Code Geass movie. =D It’s all about the majestic arm movements too. I’ve got the standard, cover your face with your hand then shoot it out to the side motion, but LL’s just got a cadre of awesome gestures.

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