Gundam 00 S2 EP14 – At full throttle. Some motivational posters


Holy cow.  My thoughts exactly.

We got Gundams and singing. The result? Bad combination.


Shocku desu!

Big niusu.  Sergei learns that the federation has become A-lol’s puppet. How can he not realize something so obvious? What has he been doing in the last episodes aside from being jealous of Marie x Allelujah couple and chasing them around I ask you.


Haven’t I heard this line a thousand times already? Yeah yeah this is how we do it.  Also, I like the look that Marie has on. It says “kk we get it Saji we get it”


Your favorite.  Pizzahut.

This is a sad sight to behold. I hate it that Marie’s been reduced to mere waitress.  In addition, I knew that CB was going to drag her into the fight (to be precise Sumeragi) sooner or later.  You’re with CB and inside their ship 24/7 what were you expecting, Allelujah?




So who is the informant he speaks of? Don’t tell me that person is his good old buddy Diethart after all.  Nice try Ougi. You still fail no matter what form you take.


 Oh god no. Just no.

Now that Marina’s been stripped from her title and she’s no longer a princess. She spends her days writing songs for kids and singing subliminal songs. Yes, she has reached a new low.


Omg. What is that bastard of Rolo doing here? Why won’t he stay dead? On that note, why won’t any of Sunrise’s characters stay dead?! I nominate him to be onikakushi’ed this incoming Watanagashi I don’t think anyone would disagree with it.  Where is justice? I demand that A-laws to bomb that base ASAP. Yes, I’m still upset about what he did to poor Shirley.


After Setsuna comes back from space he bumps into Saachez and proceeds to chase after him to get his autograph.  Obviously, this is some a trap designed to lure Setsuna to fabulous Ribbons.  He and Setsuna have a short talk and it is then reveled that it was Ribbons who was piloting O Gundam and it was him who saved him when he was little (ep1) In addition, it was Ribbons who recommend him to become a Gundam Meister. 



 I think I know what the “F” in Setsuna F. Sei stands for

Setsuna falls again for the same trick.  I still cannot believe that someone would fall for that trap again. I truly don’t know how clueless can he get anymore.  As punishment, he is shot by Saachez after he refuses to give his Gundam back to Ribbons. Let’s not overlook the fact that he could have been easily taken out by Ali Saachez on the spot if he really wanted, ending the series prematurely without anyone to blame but himself. Why don’t this guy stay inside his unit for once?


 Wow just wow

She really digs the maternal fab, doesn’t she? I think Marina belongs in a peaceful world where there are no wars and we get free rides, ice cream, and everyone gets high speed I.E connection. Or At least in a slice of life show not produced by Sunrise or KEY because they tend to kill off their main characters and make us sad pandas in the end. The show most fitting for her would be  something among the lines of awesome Aria.  Ara ara ara.  Since we’re already on the subject of mothers by anime standards. Let’s look further into it, shall we?

Good Okasan


Irresponsable Okaasan


 Awesome Okasan


 Terible Okaasan


I think you get the point


Gundam Transform

Gundams more than meets the eyes.  Gundam Meisters wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the In-novators.  Tieria, Innovator in disguise.  Gundams more than meets the eyes.  Gundams. 

Possibly one of the few respectable cartoons ever created. I watched it when I was little (re-runs) Sadly, I was too little to understand what was happening until years later when I dl’ed it. How’s this related to Gundam? I don’t know but this scene reminded me of TF G1 for some mysterious reason. Anyway, Tieria  reveals that a new unit ( Seraphim Gundam) is hidden on the back of his Gundam and with it he manages to defeat Bring and who knows he just might be cool again.


 Peekaboo. I see you.


 Cool pic


This is doing it rightThis is doing it wrong and you’re most definetly doing it wrong, Marina. Scratch whatever good thing I said about her. As of now she sucks more than she ever did. Surely, She hasn’t reached the most hated character of the year level yet but she’s really asking for it. Oh remember that she wrote a song for the kids and such and such a bit ago. Well not only it was a waste of screetime but her song even possess subliminal effects on top of that. Dammit, songs in action anime are supposed to bring more chaos to the battlefield or provide additional awesomeness just look at Rahxephon and Macross Frontier and not cause THIS. 


If you’re going to sing to promote World peace then do something like Hare Hare Yukai, Mokkette sailor fukku or at least Ranka Lee’s Ni Hao Nyan. I am disappointed in you, Marina.


Trust me they wil ruin the moment. So what exactly happened? Well Setsuna defeats Ali Saachez and just as he’s about to finish him off. What? Marina and the rest of the kids start to sing that dreadful subliminal song about World peace which gives Setsuna a massive brain damage thus giving Ali enough time to get away again! Yeah, that’s anime logic for you.


What? Why is Ribbons giving Lousie  a new unit? Louise hasn’t done anything espcial to win a free mobile suit besides flirting with Saji and being tsundere in S1 and now being all crazy in S2.  My take is that Ribbons select humans that are ridden by strong emotions such as justice and hatred in others words people that are easy to manipulate. 

Oh yeah, and Mr. Bushido got a new overpowered Mobile Suit so he can pew pew again.  Who didn’t see it coming?