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Latest work by 7th Expansion : When Seagulls Cry. Here is my huge review (not a DL link) for those that rather read a review instead of playing the game about Legend of the Golden Witch (1/3).  Fyi, in case you didn’t know the sound novel is huge.  It covers so many things (it was more than 6 hrs) that it’ll be way too time consuming to try to blog about the whole thing so I’ll do my best to limit myself and focus on what’s relevant. Yet this post is quite long as you will see.  Therefore, to blog about the first Episode  (which you’re reading)  I’ll be forced to break it into three parts  for the sake of time and my sanity. Ha. And you thought the Chaos;HEAd reviews were long.  Here’s the original post  Umineko prelude btw. So where were we..?

Umineko ~ OP ~

Must watch before you proceed any further



Jessica Ushiromiya

After arriving at the small airport everyone head to a private port where Battler’s cousin Jessica  and Kumasawa are ready to pick them up.

Ushiromiya Jessica : Kraus and Natsuhi’s daughter. If things go properly, one can consider that before long she will become the heiress of the Ushiromiya family (strickly speaking, her husband) .  However, it seems that she herself takes no interest in that.  Her bronchi are weak from birth, and she can have sudden attacks of asthma fits.


They all board the small yacht and set sail to the secluded island of Rokkenjima for the family reunion. While they’re navigating Maria notices that the shrine of a deity that is supposed to watch over the place is no where to be seen. They recall that they saw it the last time they went to Rokkenjima.  What could have happened to it?

Servant Kumazawa :  She has resignated in the middle of her job many times, but speaking generally she’s an elderly woman who works part-time and has much experience. She knows how to get things done, and her skills as a servant are by no means small, but since she loves gossip and is quite talkative she doesn’t reviece my appraisal.


Kumasawa who likes tease the children tells them a story a it was rumored that a thunder did strike it a few days ago and that this is indeed a very bad omen. Maria, who is into the occult, instantaneously believes what Kumasawa tells them and she fears that something bad happen . Here it’s implied that small children are able to feel supernatural energy around them and as they grow older it gradually decreases. Battler and the rest reassure her that nothing bad is going to happen to any of them as long as they stay together.  Yes together, that is.

They finally arrived at the island where they are well greeted by the newest servant of the family named “Gohda” who is both diligent, polite ,and an excellent chef.


He is a huge guy that despite his appearance he’s friendly and well mannered. He guides them to the mansion that is actually only a small percent of the island.  

Servant Gohda :  The servant employed as a chef.  He’s not very experienced, but the reception talents he honed  in his previous work are polished, and his appraisal is high.  Since h e is the servant of Krauss and his wife hired, it seems he is more trusted  than the senior servants who are thought of as Kinzo’s spies.


When Seagulls cry

The first thing they see when they reach the mansion is a beautiful garden of roses in full bloom. Maria, peculiar as she is, takes notice of the only withered rose in the garden and feels so sorry for it. Good-natured George-aniiki comes up with a quick solution and using a bit of wrap paper he gives it artificial leaves to make it look pretty to cheer Maria up. As expected,  she’s happy again and promises to take good care of it

Hideyoshi spots one of the servant that is working near the area and motion him to come over and greet the young masters. This servant is a young boy called “Kanon.”


At first sight you might think he is unapproachable person to the point of being rude thing that has Gohda deeply concerned and who promptly apologizes to the young masters.  Likewise, he is quickly backed up by Jessica who assure Battler that Kanon is not a bad person just a poor speaker.  Kanon excuses himself and goes back to work.

Servant Kanon :  A young servant.  He handles his work in silence, but he is sullen and his appraisal is not hight.  There are several other servants who have “on”  in their pseudonym.  That day, he and Shanon just happened to be on duty.


They are all escorted to the big guesthouse (western style built) where Battler and the other will be stayingAs expected the young cousins want to spend time together and tell each other about what have they’ve done these past years.


Meanwhile, the adults are heading to the main mansion which is right next to the guesthouse. Already in the mansion, madam of the mansion awaits. Her name is “Natsuhi ” and she is the wife of oldest son of Kinzo. As usual she’s having a terrible headache (that explains why you’ll see her with her eyes closed a lot of times) due mainly because of the important duty she has as the proud wife of the first heir of the Ushiromiya family.

Because the tea is late and mainly because today is such an important day (family reunion) Nahsuhi is more irritated and tough on the servants than usual. Her first victim is Shanon who the more nervous she becomes the more she messes up and because of it the madam of the house is giving her a real hard time today. To make matter worse, Shanon doesn’t even know the name of the tea she’s serving.  Way to go Shanon.


Kanon later approaches her onee-san and tell her that she isn’t at fault at all that it was actually because of Gohda that the tea was late and because of him he made Shanon looked bad.  Shanon understands this and she gently scold him remembering that he shouldn’t talk that way about the masters. Kumasawa who overheard their conversation felt sorry for both of them and she made a promise to herself to help Shanon whenever she could. Oh poor Shannon poor :(


Battler and the rest are brought to the main mansion by Shanon who Battler remembers from when he was little.  Once they made it to the mansion they are greeted by the head buttler Genji.

Servant Shanon:   a yound but experienced servant.  Usually she calmly handles her work flawlessly, but when she is in a hurry her errors increases.  Furthermore, “Shanon” is a pseudonym strickly used during work, and is not her real name.


Servant Genji :  He is the head buttler who manages the servants who work under the Ushiromiya family.  He’s the one who has served under Kinzo the longest, and has obtained his greatest trust.  Since his Kinzo’s immediate servant, he is thought of as Kinzo’s spy by Krauss and his wife.


Battler is the first to take notice of the big portray of a beautiful and refined woman. It reads “Beatriz the Golden Witch”. Jessica explains to him that it’s about an eerie legend about a treasure that apparently he wanted everyone to see. 


Jessica and George explained to Battler that the story that Ginzo told his children was that Rokkenjima has in fact two masters. One of them was the Witch who rules the forest and is the protector of the island something like a deity (sounds familiar?) and the other is the Ginzo who is the master of the mansion within Rokkenjima. Of course, everyone knows that this story was made to scare the little children so they wouldn’t go into the woods and get lost. Yet Ginzo believe in it like it was real. But is this woman on the portray not related to Kinzo in any way? That.. no one knows. After they’re done they all go to the dinning room.


How the Ushimoriya family works


Everyone’s already gathered in the dinning room where Natsuki and the rest are waiting.  Krauss, the eldest son of the four, has already tried to talk his father into coming have dinner with them however it is no use.

Ushiromiya Natsuhi : Krauss’s wife.  She manages the Ushiromiya family instead of her husband who doesn’t pay any attention to his household.  She took charge of the preparations, the arrangements, and everything for this family meeting by herself.  She has a strong sense of responsibility, and she’s very proud.  However, she is not understood by her husband and his siblings, so it can’t be said that her situation is enviable.


Kinzo does not want to know anything about his sons or daughters.  He just hates them. He says that they are all vultures and they only thing they care about is the inheritance.  He continues to stay locked up in his studio like a hikikomori without paying any atention to the outside world.

Ushimoriya Kinzo :  Elderly head of the Ushimoriya family.  Even as his precious little time left is sentenced, he’s in high spiritis. He amassed a huge amount of fortune but by not releaving anything about his succession, he torments his sons and daughters.  He is influenced by the West, and is a rabbid occult maniac.  His study is full of strange grimoire.

Since Krauss has announced that the Head of the family is not coming down today they all proceed to have dinner.  Some of them feel they’re being ignored while others like glad he isn’t coming down. 


After they’re done eating everyone starts to chat about their sons and their promising future, mostly about George and Jessica.  It’s a pretty friendly atmosphere. Even though krauss and the others are like this.  It was known that in the past none of them got along well mainly because Krauss usually abused his power as the eldest brother.


After a while, the kids decide to go to the beach before the typhoon comes tonight. The adults used this opportunity to talk about what they really wanted since the begining. The inheritance money.

Ushiromiya Krauss :  Kinzo’s first child. As the eldest son of the four he is in the position to lead to lead the family meetting.  However, to the other siblings, it seem he’s trying to monopolize the fortune, which intesifies the clash with the siblings.  He is a real state investor, and is heavily investing in the development of a resort. However, the results are being severely critized.


Because it’s well known that Kinzo is in his last days they all want to know how long he has left so they can make preparations on how to divide the huge family fortune.  According to doctor Nanjo, Kinzo was supposed to pass away a few months ago however because of his strong fighting spirit he is able to continue living so it’s hard to predict when his time will finally come.

Attending physician Nanjo : Kinzo’s attending physician and long time friend.  He’s one of the few people Kinzo, who has grown fanatical in suspcision, opens his heart to.  He has a very big-hearted disposition, and never getting upset by Kinzo’s hot temper, has come to the island for a long time.


veeery long explanation about how Kinzo revived the family’s business


greedy sons

The conversation quickly turned sour once all three brothers started ganging up on Krauss.  More or less, accussing him of embezzling money from father’s fortune.  They have all made their homework and they know that he has been investing on a lot of projects that haven’t bore fruits yet.  Yet, he is getting money from someone they don’t know and that worries them.  They all know that Krauss is going to be the next head of the family after Kino dies so they want to make sure that he is not cheating any of them of their fair share.  This, in a way, is them getting back at their brother they never liked when they were small.


Natsuhi and Eva does not get along well

Natsuhi cannot take it anymore and she and Eva clash several times due to Eva’s straighforward and rude nature.  Finally, Eva snaps back to Natsuhi and remind her that she is the next highest in hierarchy and not her.  Lastly, that she better know her place in the family!?   Natsuhi wants to also talk back but she is dismissed by her husband who tells her to go “cool her head off”.  This greatly shocks Natsuhi and she quickly leaves the room already unable to hold her tears anymore.


Kumasawa who was watching the scene feels very bad for Natsuhi. She knows the madam feels very betrayed by her husband who didn’t come to her aid even though she was fervently defending him all the way.  Simirally, Kumasawa explains  (self) that the reason why Eva is higher than Natsuhi in hierarchy is because Eva was able to give the Ushiromiya family a heir before Natsuhi could (Jessica) thus she was able to steal that position from Natsuhi and keep her status within the family.


The story is about the Ushiromiya family’s hidden gold. However, between the parents it’s often whispered that, in writing about Grandfather’s hidden gold, it means that whoever can solve the riddle will receive al of the inheritance and the gold.

Basically, it is said that he made a contract where, in exchange for his own soul, he would receive fortune and honor. The witch then granted him 10 tons of gold. He used this gold as collateral to prepare a vast quantity of funds, and then used that to multiply his wealth by several times and receive the Ushiromiya family.  Another theory and waay more realistic is that the woman who granted Kinzo the funds that he needed could be called a witch since no normal person would lend such big amount of money to a total stranger. So in return, Kinzo had a picture painted on her honor.


Meanwhile, the 3 siblings have banded together and came up with a plan to corner his big brother to sign a contract who they “believe” has found father’s gold or at least something as valuable as that. In addition, they are making good use of the idea that Krauss is indeed embezzling money from their father. Here are the conditions:


1st condition: First, Krauss must admit that he has found father’s gold. 2nd condition: Regarding the gold, take each sibling’s portion and pay it to them. 3rd condition: Portion of the gold to the one bearing the title of successor to the family will be 50%. The remainder will become the just portions of the rest of the siblings and split up. 4th condition The divided gold will be included when the inheritance is distributed at the time of father’s death. However, as a deposit 10% of the portions will be paid to the siblings promptly. The payment must be made before March of next year. 5th condition This decision must take precedence over Father’s will. Later on, they don’t want some will to appear and make the decision completely useless.


Either way, as long as they settle the matter with the corresponding payment, the rest of them really don’t care whether the gold appears or not (assuming that the gold exists)  7th condition (where’s 6th btw?) added by Krauss himself before he accepts. In the situation that any siblings other than himself finds the gold, they will immediately turn it over to him.

So in other words, the siblings will leave the investigation of Father’s assets to Krauss who will be able to get away with the embezzling he committed as long as he agrees with the conditions (assumed) In the end, all of this was a play on words. The siblings were forcing Krauss to pay money for some nonexistent gold, would, of course, not ensure Krauss’s portion if they actually found the gold. From the beginning, this deal has been nothing more than a thread directed at Krauss.


Keikaku doori.  Krauss mocks his younger siblings.

However the truth is a quite a bit different, you know. In reality, Krauss does not know about the gold but he takes this chance to strike back and masterfully turn the tables around by letting all his brothers know that he knows why they need the money so badly.  In fact, all of them have some kind of financial problem that could lead them to ruin if not taken care of. That is why above all they need the money now!

Back in Kinzo’s studyi he hears about what’s happening from Kanon, his loyal servant and spy, and laughs at the foolishness of his sons.



 More about the epitaph and the Golden Witch

 Breatriz -The Golden Witch-


At the first twilight, you shall lift up as sacrifice six chosen by the key. At the second twilight, the surviving shall tear up the two who are close. At the third twilight, the surviving shall praise my honorable name on high. At the fourth twilight, gouge the head and kill.  At the fifth twilight, gouge the chest and kill.  At the sixth twilight, gouge the stomach and kill.  At the seventh twilight, gouge the knew and kill.  At the eighth twilight, gouge the leg and kill.  At the ninth twilight, the Witch shall be revived and none shall be left alive.  At the tenth twilight, the journey shall end and you should reach the village of God.


To be continue…