Maria†Holic is here. You know you want to


It’s finally here! If you’re reading this you’ve probably realize how shameless this show is going to be. And yes we will probably still watch it. ZETSUBOSHITA! Massive yuri-harem trapfest has left me in zetsuboshita! We started the year off on the right foot or trap should I say with Maria+Holic. I was waiting for the high def version but I gave up and decided to watch it he other day naturally the outcome is quite obvious. 


Hands down from 00:00 to 24:00 After watching the first episode I don’t think they could have chosen a better director than Akiyuki Shinbo-sensei to handle Maria+Holic. This is what he is truly good at. Handling crazy unconventional anime and making them even more amazing. Maido + Sadist trap bully main character (Maria) ftw. 

Even if Maria is a guy and Kanako is supposed to be a yuri girl then would it make it a normal relationship? But if she didn’t know that Maria was a guy that would make it yuri? For that matter, would it even be fall under the shoujo or shoujo-ai category? :puzzled:  Fate sure works in strange ways, doesn’t it?  For some unknown reason, I have a feeling that Shidou Mariya, Tieria, and Bridget would get along just fine.  Wouldn’t they?  Similarly, Miyamae Kanako and Kimura Takako from Kannagi would be so best pals.  Just a thought.


Without a doubt there’ll be plenty of entertainment for everyone be that male, female audience or what have you. No matter how you look at it, the premise of this eccentric show is a win win for comedy.  My dark keikakudoori side tells me that I’m not going to be bored this season.

I haven’t been this puzzled since girlycard and no, you don’t want to know who that is. I’d think you have enough on your plate with Maria+Holic and Gundam 00 this year.  Hmm, I wonder what’s the story behind the maid Matsurika Shinouji? No matter how you look at it she and Maria are on the main cover instead of Maria and Kanoko.  Quite intriguing.

Lastly, some highlights from ep 1. “No! Don’t say it so directly. At least use the word “yuri”, it sounds better.”  I laughed out loud when I saw that. It’s already a runner up for Best quote of the year. And the whole staged raep scene was downright hilarious.  Looking forward for more of Maria+Holic. Do sign me up for whatever this show throw at us.  So do you find Maria+Holic interesting enough < yes/yes >


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  1. lol, runner up for best quote? what’s got your number 1 vote already? that was a great quote though. and it made so much sense, strangely enough.

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