Gundam 00 S2 Ep 12 – Xmas came twice this year


Santa does exist! Either he, Oyashiro-sama or some higher entity  granted my wish for Xmas.  Ribbons does not take crap from anyone and he proved it in this episode.  That alone made this episode the best of the week. 

Oh yeah, Mr. Bushido was defeated on the past episode so we won’t see him for a couple of episodes until they repair his customized flag known as C-75.  After that very very strange scene that happened in episode 11, Saji and Louise magically see themselves naked… uh something to do with the the particles and 00 Raiser being so powerul. As a result Louise finds out that Saji is on Celestial Being’s side (twist?)  Don’t ask me what’s the logic behind this one.


Setsuna looking cool

Setsuna’s surprisently cool in this episode taking out several of the enemy mobile suits even Mr. Bushido in a matter of seconds. 


Innnovator is hit by 10,000 dmg by double O.  Innovator’s gundam is destroyed

He even takes out that snob Innovator by using Trans am.  I have to confess that it was a great to see an innovator loose his (her?) cool after being defeated in such a shameful manner.  Incidentally, there wasn’t much I dislike about this episode. Bravo.


To the left a crazy chick.  To the right a crazy hobo

Lui Mei’s timing couldn’t been worse to act cheeky.   She manages to truly piss off Ribbons for the first time and..




2008 Anime Award : Best Slap Scene


Seeing Wang Lui Mei is knocked silly and she trembles in fear for the first time, this made the season even more worth it imo.  Pimping ain’t easy as they say  and seeing  this manipulative evil wrench gets btch slapped brings a little justice to the world. 


Louise after finishing Chaos;HEAd TV

So Saji thought he could pull wool over Louise’s eyes?  In a matter of minutes, Louise makes her own theory about what is going down.  She concludes that she has been toyed by CB and Saji since the very begining and everything up to now have been a farce.  Back at A-Laws base we get to see the picture of someone you have probably already forgotten about.


Haters! Wait, did she start to hating Gundam after or before S2? 


I failed to see how it is possible for Saji to do this to Setsuna. Isn’t Setsuna supposed to be an ex guerrilla or something like that? Rather than dramactic this was a very comedic moment.  Still quite entertaining.


Nee Saji..   whose eyes are those?


What? no Charlie?

That certain person was some scrubby capitan that Louise probably saw a father figure in him.  This only increased her hathred towards Celestial Beings even though A-Lols are quite evil themselves.  Let’s not forget that Zinin Barrack (I bet you didn’t remember his name) was a repeat offender known for terrorizing high schoolers in Japan and he was even taught a lesson a few times which ultimately led him to his demise.  I know those crazy gaijins.



Good Ending

As usual, Saji tries to run away and mess something up again but he stops just in time when he finally realizes that he was going to get more people killed because of his natural idiocy (courtesy of Tieria)


My refusal to accept reality led me to believe that Saji was going to get killed before s1 ended then it led me to believe that he was going to do something besides whining about his situation in S2. Finally, it’s leading me believe that he’s going to become a meister and the only one that gets to survive in the end.  Of course, this one might actually be true.  The irony.


Looks like someone’s on the ignore list now

Meanwhile, Louise is deleting all the pictures of times that she and Saiji shared together. To be blunt, dumping Saji is the best choice that Louise has ever made in her life. I really don’t see a bright future for this couple unless J.C. Staff pick this up and turn into a love, comedy, slice of life.  Saji would still be the typical spineless main character but Louise would be an awesome tsundere.  I thought I’d throw that in there.