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Nice SOS badge

Sagacious as I am, I narrowed down the possible identity of the men on black suits.  Btw, what I came up with is way up there on a par with Lelouch and L’s power of deduction and insight:  a) Sonozaki mafia thugs   b) Celestial Being Recruiters b) Gai-Rei -Zero- dropouts  c) The Chairman’s  dogs  d) Kaiba’s  ‘attention duelists!’ henchmen   e) A dango

With so many other things happening I hardly got enough time to play the game, much less blog about it these past weeks. I did meant to publish Ch3 but so much time went by after I finished it that I completely forgot what this Chapter was about even though so many things happen.   Good news are that finals are over and I’m free to do as I please. And here’s the first part of a very thorough review that is over 2000 words .  Longest post ever written in Keikakudoori yet.

Where were we? Gai-Rei dropouts and Dangos, that’s right. The black suit people are supposed to be cleaners for that area however they only thing the only thing they’re doing is take measures of the area using some strange machines. Without a doubt there is something shady about what they’re doing so early in the morning. More disturbingly is who is paying them to do this. 


The craziness continues and Takumi sure is organized


 I bet that this pc is a Sony!

Takumi as usual is spending time at a nearby cyber café. It seems this is the only he is able to relax but that doesn’t stop him from recalling what Yua told  him.. that is Takumi and Shogun are the same person.


 Can you hear me now? Good!

 After spending several hours at the cyber café, Takumi decides to return to his base but things won’t go the way he wants them.  On his way back, on the middle of the street, a mysterious girl carrying a huge sword is standing …


Is that double OO newest upgrade?

He remembers spotting her several times around Shibuya and at his school before. Although she’s very pretty, Takumi still sees her as delinquent type who asks for trouble.  He believes that it’s best to avoid her at any cost so he decides to get the hell away from there soon as possible.  Though they were at a pretty far distant from each other, the girl is able to catch up to him in an instant.  This girl that he wanted to avoid at all cost appears to have taken a certain interest in Takumi.


The mysterious girl utters those words while she swings her sword at the terrified Takumi almost hitting him on the head A still confused Takumi falls to the ground still not knowing what he could possibly done to piss her off… but one thing he knows it’s that she is not someone you should trifle with.

Delusion # 1


What a sadist. What a cruel human being this girl is. Her actions are almost at the same level of cruelty as the medieval inquisition, Shion’s original “original stalking”, any scene from Elfen Lied, or being forced to watch Bobobobo. Takumi is so mortified and he cannot believe that this indecent girl is doing this in the middle of the street with so many people around. I know, the horror!

Delusion # 2


You’re it!

Turns out that this girl is a lonely ghost that has been unable to rest in peace for a long time. She’s been alone for so long unable to communicate with others. At last, she is not alone anymore.. she is glad that finally someone can see her…  now she wants to possess you! Quick someone call Naru, Bou-san and the rest of  Ghost Hunt to exorcise this spirit.

Back to reality. Takumi still perplexed about what’s happening but he admits that he can see this girl’s huge sword. Apparently, he is the only one around who can see it of course he doesn’t know that yet.  This scary girld calls herself  Sena Aoi and she promptly states that Takumi has also been “gathered” by them and she proceeds to ask him if he has seen any “errors” around lately. After a while she realizes that he doesn’t know much about it she lets him go not before telling him where he can find her and advise him to find his D-sword. However the only thing that Takumi wants to do now is flee home so much that his brain leaves this crucial last part out.


Because Takumi’s attendance system is all messed up lately with NewGene and stuff he’s forced to attend school three times this week instead of only twice. Yes, even after all the crazy things that have been happening to him he’s still concerned about that his otaku life.  On his way to school, he bumps into her sister Nanami and they ended up walking together to school. Takumi doesn’t like having Nanami around one bit plus he feels uncomfortable about being seen walking with his little sister to school. For unknown reasons today Nanami seems out of it and she suddenly slips. Luckily Takumi saves her before she is run over by a car.  After making sure she’s ok, Takumi who is still upset walks off leaving Nanami behind.  How is this relevant? Don’t ask me.


Chaos;HEAd pick up lines

On his way to his classroom Takumi is greeted by a extra cheerful Daisuke who guarantees him that he has some great news.  Rumor is that the popular singer FES attends the same school they do.  Clearly, he plans on hitting on her as soon as he sees her. Oh and speak of the devil she is heading this way as we speak.  Daisukei’s playa skillz doesn’t seem to work on FES who is more focus on somebody else…  and he is not one bit happy about it.

Delusion # 1


To everyone’s bewilderment, FES states that she is only interested in Takumi. Daisuke falls to the ground in humiliation for losing to Takumi. Although Taku isn’t sure about his own feelings he realizes this couldn’t be such a bad thing. Who knows this might be the chance that he’s been waiting to turn his life around.  Hell, he might become an idol or take it to the next level and join the anime industry and become an anime producer who messes up with anime endings and second seasons. Tsk tsk. Tough call.

Delusion # 2


FES is not impressed

Daisuke does not appreciate what FES is doing to him.  His fake cheerful tone he was using soon becomes harsh and spiteful after FES calls him a bother. This arouses the wrath of a vengeful Natsumi who wants teach FES a lesson so he attempts to drag her by force so they can talk in private.  And he is not joking this time around.



Just as he is trying to drag her by force, FES pulls a sword out of nowhere and swiftly slashes Daisuke, cutting off one of his arms. All the students are screaming in horror. There is blood all over the floor and FES is lost in ecstasy as she sees Natsumi lying on the ground screaming in agony. Finish him!

Bummer. Reality calls.  After Taku wakes up from his long  trance he hears Daisuke tell him that he had no idea what FES was talking about but she kept mentioning something about a “D-sword”.  This name sounds strangely familiar to Taku.  School ends. On his way back from school, Taku is stopped by two detectives who want to ask him some questions about NewGene and the like.  Damm Taku can never catch a break!


It’s always the middle age detective at the end of his career that wants to mess up life of the main character. Oh and Matsuda is still a noob

For obvious reason he does not trust them. 1) they may want to use his information for something illegal or 2) they could be the Demon girl or Shogun’s henchmen.  Ultimately Taku gives them his name and answers their questions about what he knows. However he quickly gives up under the pressure and ends up telling them that he knows who is the perpetrator behind NewGene is.  He tells them what he witnessed and that the “demon girld” attends the same school as him. “It’s the demon girl.  She isn’t human. Please protect me from her! Taku implores them”


When Taku opens his eyes he sees both detectives staring at him with a puzzled look.  Chances are they wouldn’t believe him anyway but Taku just couldn’t take anymore of it.  However, the old man tells Takumi that the information he gave them might be crucial for the investigation and catching the criminal so he asks him his cellphone number in case they need to contact him and of course for his own protection against the demon girl. Temporarily, Taku is glad that someone believed him at last and he doesn’t hesitate much before giving them his real cellphone number. Both of the detectives leave him alone for the time being with the promise of contacting him in a near future.  Now without a doubt they suspect him.


Chaos;HEAd is about quality

Taku’s back home and yet again he gotten his hands on another Seria figure and he plans on bragging about it @chan. However, just as he’s about to do so he feels an eerie sensation he cannot shake up.. he feels that he’s being watched.  This is not something new to him as it has happened several times in the past however this time it’s different it’s like someone’s been behind him the whole time.

Even though he knows that it might be his head screwing around with him and there really isn’t anyone watching him..  Taku’s fear grows when he hears someone voice inside his room. Taku is trembling with fear at the this is not a delusion that in fact there is someone standing behind him. Although he’s terrified to death he turns around sees that in fact he is not alone in his small room.
As he turns around he sees the face of the last person he expected to see.. the demon girl.


“Oh God god god she has come to kill me!”

The demon girl finally makes her appearance and she’s already inside Taku’s room sitting on his sofa smiling at him. Oh hell. Taku’s blood drains from his face as he sees her and the first thing that crosses his mind is that she must’ve come to kill him for talking to those detectives.  No, they were probably working under her because she appeared right after he spoke to them! Her timing was too perfect to not be true. Everything is lost. There was no way out this one for Takumi. He hides under his desk while desperately trying to beg for his life as last his resort.


The demon girl has a puzzled expression on her face.  She doesn’t seem to understand what Taku is talking about at all. To add up to Taku’s confusion she continues to behave in a friendly to him. Surely this is another trap!


Nakama dakara

She even seems slightly upset that Taku doesn’t remember her name. Huh? “After all we’re friends”–she says.  How could that be possible? Taku doesn’t remember her at all! However, little by little he starts to remember something and he utters a name without realizing it…  ” Rimi “. After hearing it the demon girl gives Taku an affirmative nod.


Achtung soldier

“That’s right we’re friends. You, me, and Daisuke since elementary school” Taku cannot believe that even Daisuke knows the demon girl, then again she might be an ex girlfriend of his and that’s how they know each other.  She says that Taku is acting weird today and to ease his doubts she dials Daisuke’s number from her friend list and hands him her cellphone.


I dunno I thought the world was about super soldiers, evil organizations, food/plants/first aid that completely fills your hp bar, zombies, RTS, saving princesses, slashing demons, flags, leveling, power-ups, and always saving before a boss fight.  Did I miss something along the way?

And it’s just as the demon girl told him, Daisuke is in fact on the other side. And to make things worse he confirmed everything that Rimi told Taku.  Takumi has no idea what is what anymore. He has no recollection of this girl who calls herself his best friend. 


Could it be that what he witnessed at the “Stalking scene” was a delusion too? Could it be that Rimi was not the demon girl he thought and she was not after his life?  Was anything real at all?


Filled with all these contradictions and doubts Taku falls to the ground. The only thing that he is able to tell Rimi is to please go away.  Go away… go away.. go away.  This way he continues to beg her to please leave him alone. After a while, Rimi leaves the room.

To be continue…

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