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Surely you have all watched Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni but have YOU played the game? Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni (ひぐらしのく頃に) is the first Higurashi is the first of the Higurashi series that came out. It is a dojin game by 7th Expansion that revolves around a regular high schooler named Maebara Keichi and the strange events that happen after he moves  into a mysterious rural town in Japan called Hinamizawa.  Throughout the game, someway somehow he.. gets involved several times with Oyashiro-sama’s curse (the local God) and unfortunate chain of events are triggered every time…  read more


Screen title


Any clues yet?


The game is exceptionally rich on dialogues, astounding narrating, and overall better in depth character and story development.  The first Arc of the game covers the infamous Onikakushi-hen or “Demoned away” from the anime.   I’m happy to say that the game is very well done and it even goes further into the psychological part of Higurashi. 


The game version features A LOT more interaction with the main characters. There are more hints, comments, and speculations about Hinamizawa and its residents.  What I perceived is that there is a greater emphasis on Keichi’s inner thoughts, his psychological breakdown, paranoia and what ultimately leads up to  it. 


Yesh, we got TIPS! So what are these TIPS exactly, you good sir ask? TIPS are additional information that is given to the player after he/she completes a chapter.  While some of them feature crucial information regarding the Hinamiza mystery/murders while  others include extra information about certain characters, lastly other simply feature some random but interesting stuff.


I think it’s pretty cool that they added these extra information in the game.  Of course, most this information is lost in the anime adaptation since it would be too hard to introduce all of these anyway.  Sadly, you can neither access the TIPS screen in middle of the game nor from the title screen.  You can only access TIPS once they are available after you complete a new chapter.

1983 Early Summer

“If I just destroyed it..  it’s best if it was all torn up I thought.  That’s what I belived..  No what I stil believe.  At this very moment I belive it but .. I hardly realize it becuase what which I want to belive is the one thing I can’t accept”


You won’t find this in the anime, folks


“Could it be .. what I really love.. … was you?”

This part is left out in the anime and it is mentioned only for a bit in the manga.  At first I had no idea what this was about when I read the manga but now I can grasp the cruel irony of it. 


“What could she have been apologizing for?  I felt sick just hearing it, so I ended up tuning out.   Somebody is stil apologizing. Who could she be apologizing to?  Since this is all she’s doing, you really should forgive her.  she couldn’t keep this up forever, could she?

The downside of the game is that It doesn’t have voice acting instead the game makes up for it by using great sound effects and background music that match perfectly with the game.  There is only a linear path to follow thus there is only one ending you can get. So you can basically sit back and enjoy the ride this sweet ride



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  1. pretty freaking cool. the Onikakushi-hen arc probably freaked me out the most, with the reptilian eyes. gives me chills thinking about it. too bad there’s no voice acting, the scene where rena’s repeatedly apologizing sticks out in my head.

  2. Yes, I was expecting voice acting the first time I played it however since we already know the voices they give them in the anime it wasn’t so hard for me to image what they would sound like. Kinda weird since what I’m reading it’s in english and they are speaking is japanese lol. There were some creepy sounds and awesome music to go along with the game. Well I hope we get to see more releases in a near future. The game is a sure 10/10 even though I know what’s going to happen next.

  3. i d love to play it but i dunno were i can download it (for free);D please send my the site i love higurashi no naku koro ni if i am asking to much i wil appoligise like reena coumenasai coumenasai coumenasai coumenasai coumenasai coumenasai coumenasai coumenasai coumenasai coumenasai coumenasai coumenasai coumenasai coumenasai coumenasai coumenasai,…

    • Apology accepted :D
      You can actually download the demo for free which covers the whole first arc of the game from 7th Expansion website http://07th-expansion.net/Soft/Taiken.htm.

      Don’t worry about getting the full game for now. As far as I know there is only one group out there that is working on it right now, Sonozaki Futagotachi. They just finished translating the first arc a few months and it’ll take them a couple more months until they are done translating the next one. Till then we can only wait.

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