Gundam 00 S2 (EP8) – Code:Operation trap


 Good grief.  Even Ribbons disapproves

 Fabulous. Fabulous. Fabulous is the best way to call this episode.

Innovator Regene Regetta tries to mess with Tieria’s head by telling him what he and CB are doing go against Aeolian Schenberg’s plan.  As a result, Tieria is confused about what he should do next throughout the episode.  A: To go to the dark side would mean betraying…Celestial Being. Or B: to fight for what he believes in.. whatever that is.


Didn’t ya hear? The english dub is out

 and what is up with the glasses? Is it a way to make them look more human so know one will suspect them? And oh damm the dub is out… start ranting


Surprise.  Surprise

and Gundam 00 is not airing on CN but on SciFi instead


I’d say about time you got something right

Everyone on board is nervous about Allelujah bringing Marie to meet the family. Especially Feldt who hasn’t forgotten about what that Soma Pieris did to her comrades. As for me, I already forgot about it but you know how Feldt is.


 This cannot end well…

There’s a party where A-laws high-ranking officials and all bad guys in Gundam OO are going to assist so Sumeragi decides  to send someone undercover and go check it out. Tieria says sure why the hell not? I’m game. But not so fast, because Sunrise’s got something else in mind….


I’ll say …


 The bigger question is why are you here.. working as a limo driver.. at this place… ?

Meanwhile, Setsuna F. ’cause everyone call him that way so we should all do it as well, right? He’s also going undercover as the Tieria’s limo driver.  

As to be expected, Louise recognizes Setsuna and they start talking about lame Saiji among other things.  And we still don’t know what’s the reason behind Louise’s condition… something about her left arm and what the Gundam throne did to her.   Meanwhile.. at a certain ball room in a wrinty town.  Tieria goes to his first prom.


The gracefulness. The tension! It feels like I’m watching a certain scene from Kanon 2006


Oh here it is

God, I miss Kannon.  Maybe it’s time to play the game?

I suppose I should be grateful that they didn’t put any of this in Code Geass.  Instead we got Lolo, Schenizel, and Canon never ending fabulousness in R2. Who knows maybe they did put some of that but I just didn’t notice because my mind was numb from the constant Karen & CC fanservice.

Long story short. Tieria makes up his mind to stay with CB and fight for what he believes is right.


 Failing at undercover missions is a crime 

Guys, you gotta start taking lessons from MITHRIL or FOXHOUND about real tactical operations. You should sign up for Bonta-kun’s boot camp so he can turn you into real soldiers.  I bet he and Chidori are still accepting newbies.

Living Legend


“Fumo-mo Fu mo Fu Fumoffu”

Talk about GAR. This is the real deal.  Possibly one of the few who can match Chuck


Serious Tieria

Although, they are forced to escape prematurely but not everything was in vain. Fangirls got what they wanted and Tieria has found what is the root of the distortion in the world–filler episodes and dubs


My eyes!