Kannagi: It’s Pizzahut. No, it’s a Sony!



It’s a Sony! and a DVD at that. Quality everywhere. Hey Code Geass did something similar with, didn’t they? It’s so common these days.  So often that I wasn’t going to be surprised if they decided to put Pizza Hut logo on every Knightmare in the show. Truth be told, I still want … one of those Cheese-kuns.


Kannagi’s being licensed by AniPlex. How would I know? Well pretty much after I uploaded the promotional video on youtube and it was removed in a matter of hours for copyright infringement even though it’s only a clip.  I guess after this I can expect them to be harassing youtube to remove all episodes. And of course Crunchyroll will take them down too without anyone asking. 


Hmm with only 3 more episodes left I think I should follow the manga to see what’s next instead of waiting for a second season. Is anyone even translating the manga? Anyhow, they will have plenty of time now that the manga has been put on hiatus


The man.  The otaku.  The Sony.



I’m disappointed that they didn’t follow up with the shameless advertising. Something among the lines of: It’s a Toyota.  It’s a Wii. It’s a Pocky! would feel just right. Even it’s a Samsung would do… no wait.


Moving on this is what episode 10 was pretty much to me.



Still feeling down about the show coming to an end so soon? Here’s some Minori Remix  to make up for it.


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