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You know a game is epic when it even kills Bruce Banner


Takumi remembers an incident that happened when he was small.  There was a bus trip that he wanted to go but his parents wouldn’t let him.  He was angry and he wished that no one else would be able to go by he tearing up his drawning book. The news announced that that bus had an accident and that half the kids in his class were terribly injured because of it.  After that Takumi was physiologically scarred and he no longer wished to talk. He was taken to the hospital through many years. There he met  Fumio Takashi-sensei who treated him from his mental illness.

After Yua’s revelation, Takumi decides to go the hospital and meet with Takashi-sensei.  Takumi knows it’s been a long time but he has enormous confidence that he will be able to help him somehow.  So he goes to the hospital and waits for them to call his name.  He falls asleep while waiting.

Delusion #1 


It’s Takumi’s turn and he meets with sensei.  After Takumi tells him everything about the incidents and the “demon girl”, he reassures him that everything is gonna be alright. He would notify the police and al l that and he even tells him that after they catch the perpetrator, Takumi is going to be recognize as a hero—yes like he is in Ensue.  All hail Takumi the hero.

 Delusion #2


Takumi tells everything that happened to sensei.  However, the doctor is unimpressed!. He tells Takumi that that is just NOT possible… because.. because.. Takumi’s been hospitalized in that hospital for the past years due to his mental illness. He has not been let out of the hospital once furthermore he has not met any anyone outside of the hospital.  Takumi’s is struck in disbelief and he  breaks down after he realizes that he isn’t wearing his normal clothes but patient clothes which can only mean the doctor is right after all!


Anyhow, dream is over. Back to reality, this is what really goes down: Takumi meets with sensei but Takumi’s disappointed that sensei doesn’t remember him at all. Seria reminds him that that isn’t much of a deal and he should focus on the real reason he’s here–to get some real help. 

Delusion #1


Sadly, Takumi is unable to tell him directly about his situation and the thing is settled with Takumi having merely a sleeping disorder.  So Takumi winds up sleeping at the hospital for a few hours so they can observe him in case that he shows any signs of abnormal behavior such as sleeping walking.

Delusion # 2  


It’s Seria tan time.  Seria appears before him while he’s sleeping.  This time Seria is no longer the figure size but real size! Lolwut. She sweet talks Takumi into becoming 2-D like her so they can be happy together.  They start kissing for a long time then Seria literally sucks the life of him.  Now Takumi is no longer 3-D. 


key character?

The nurse wakes Takumi up and asks him who Seria is since he’s been calling her name in his sleep. Embarrassing..  Moving on, she informs him that nothing unusual happened while he was sleeping.  This is to be expected as this wasn’t the real reason why he came to the hospital in the first place.  The nurse hands him a chart and requests that he fill it up so they can come up with a solution to his problem.  And as Takumi explains in the game this chart feels more like a physiological test.


In this part I only picked Takumi’s real symptoms so keep it real. After I was done the usual Oskare-sama deshita followed. She gave him a medicine the doctor prescribed. How thoughtful of him, Takumi thought.

Alt:  I didn’t’ fill out any of the symptoms and handed the chart back to the nurse. She said exactly the same thing as above and nothing special happened.



Takumi goes back to his place and does a research on a word that he recalls seeing when he used to go the hospital–he word “Nozomi” however he becomes depressed when he doesn’t get anything relevant.   


she’s even into anime. How much more epic can she get?

Meanwhile, Yua still belives that Takumi suffers from DiD and that is real the perpetrator behind New Generation Madness.  Yua believes that it is up to her to help him (possibly to turn himself in to the police)


lol wiki

Even more nervous than before Takumi does a search on @channel about NewGen and Wiki in hopes of finding anything that can help him. 


The information he finds is about a popular female signer called “FES”. A lot of people on the web believe that her lyrics are related to NewGene.  This gives Takumi the idea that Fes is the demon girl that he saw commit the NewGen murder known as “Stalking” or the crucified man.  Because he is reluctant to go a concert by himself and confirm her identity as the demon girl, he comes up with a clever plan. 


He convinces his good-old buddy to come with him to the concert with him and tell him what the Fes looks like.  Of course, he has no idea what this is really about. In the end, Takumi ends up going into the concert and he gets to see Fes…


Oooh, play Lost my music next!

and she does NOT look anything like the demon girl! Fes’ voice is so great that it has everyone is like hypnotized. Even Takumi’s getting into it then..

 Delusion #1


Fes takes off her clothes and starts walking towards Takumi.  Her arms quickly entangled around him and he feels he is loosing consciousness.  He’s afraid but he’s unable to run away or fight back.  His eyes frantically look for help but he sees that Daisukei is busy making out with a girl and so is everyone in the concert. Apparently, this is what really goes down on their concerts. This is what FES and the others do.  A massive Black Sabbath (demonic orgy) and chosen sacrifice is Takumi.

 Delusion #2


“……………” That’s it.  I got nothing.

Takumi finds himself at the rooftop of his school.  However, this time he is not alone.  Fes stands in front of him and she’s looking right at him with a gloomy eyes. After a bit, Fes takes Takumi’s hand and together they jump from the building and fall down. The monitor goes red.

Takumi’s back at his place lying in bed still wondering about what happened yesterday at the concert.  To clear his mind he logs onto Ensue.  Takumi’s preoccupation lead him make stupid mistakes while playing and he angrily snaps at Knight-hart.  “What is wrong with you!?” he yells.  And delusion time again!

 Delusion #1


 Ungrateful pala! I’m so gonna sell you online

To Takumi’s astonishment Knight-hart talks back to him! It turns urns out that he is terribly sick of Takumi as well. He declares that he does everything in Ensue and that he no longer needs Takumi for anything.  Furious Takumi yells back: “I have created you. You cannot do this to me!”  Reinheart takes control of himself and leaves Takumi once and for all.

Delusion #2


Do it for the Light! 

Knight-hart tries to talk Takumi into becoming 2-D and join him in the world of Ensue so both of them can be heroes woot woot.

Takumi ponders about this and admits that he’s been giving Knight-hart a hard time lately so he decides to take it easy on him today just in case.  Well play..


It must be dollar menu. We all know Takumi is cheap

The next scene we see is Takumi at a store. He’s with his sister who is determined on buying him a cellphone. After that she drags him to lol “MC D’s” for a quick bite.  She shows his brother the latest version of popular frog.  As you can see, the new model has the eyes popped up and it looks rather creepy.  


~Gero Gero

She gives one to Takumi or rather she forcibly attaches one of them to his new cellphone.  Naturally, this is followed by a classic onii-san / imouto moment.  Back at his place, Takumi resumes his search about NewGen.  This time he is going to take one more look at the picture that Shogun sent him—the one about crucified man.  He opens the image with a program to adjust the brightness of it in hopes of finding whoever else is involved with NewGen.  Unfortunately, what he sees is without doubt not what Takumi expected to find.  The person who least expected to see is in background of the image running.  That person is no other than Takumi himself.

He logs on to play Ensue and his online buddy Grim greets him.  “It’s been a long time” he says.  As usual Grim is about all graphic stuff and of course NewGen.  Grim lets Takumi know that almost everyone in the guild is into the NewGen incidents. As we all know, Takumi might not care about his image in the 3-D world but you’d better be damm sure he cares about his reputation in the 2-D world.   So Grim tricks him into clicking a link about the latest NewGen murder by telling him it’s a link about a Seria-tan auction.  But it could have been A LOT worse Takumi. It coulda been a picture about yet another horrible cosplay attempt or about anime genderblending.


Takumi screams in desperation after he sees a picture is in reality about a man that has been murdered in a public bathroom.  All his blood has been sucked out and his upper body is all green.  What this is not what triggers Takumi’s terror. It’s what is written on the wall next to him.  It reads: “LL’s death confirmed by Sunrise.”  and “To-Love-Ru will have another season.” What I mean is that it reads “Whose eyes are those?”


Chapter 2 CLEAR

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  1. Oh I see you’ve decided to blog both delusions this time, good job XD. I really liked the red delusion in the hospital since I thought it might have some TRUTH IN IT! Lol. Well the first few chapters seemed pretty slow to me since my head was just going “RIMI RIMI RIMI RIMI” so I didn’t pay that much attention. Funnly enough Taku ends up adopting the same line of thought as me XD.
    Delusions can be really entertaining at times, and sometimes they just alter his reactions or the reactions of the people around them.. However, most of the time I went with the “no delusion” choice (Just click on) since I found out sometimes he misses pretty important information in lala land X.x;

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