Umineko no Naku Koro Ni (sound novel) – Prelude


7th Expansion’s latest work : When Seagulls Cry

Umineko is the newest masterpiece by 7th Expansion. Umineko is not a sequel of the Higurashi series.  So don’t expect to see characters from Higurashi here. Umineko features new characters and entirely new story, however, let’s not completely discard the possibility that there might be some sort of connection between them.  Only time will tell.

The Story Arcs thus far are:

Chapter 1: Legend of the golden witch
Chapter 2: Turn of the golden witch
Chapter 3: Banquet of the golden witch


Head of the family and his doctor

The old geezer that looks like Emperor Charles is Kinzo Ishiromiya and I guess that witch he made the pact with was C.C

The story begins with a conversation between Kinzo Ishiromiya, the head of the family, and his personal doctor whose name is irrelevant. Kinzo ’s filthy rich and the day of his death draws near.  He greatly dislikes his sons and he does not wish to leave any of his fortune to them. Instead of writing a will he chooses to summon all family members to visit him where he lives, the secluded island called Rokkenjima. It’s hinted that he did a dark pact with a witch named Beatriz a long time ago and once he’s dead everything will taken away (?}.

Mansion where the story takes place

Mansion where the story takes place


The family members are waiting in a private airport.  It’s been quite a long since all family members have reunited.  Battler has a conversation with his older cousin who he hasn’t seen for a long time.  After that his aunt and uncle shows and later his Battler’s father. Few minutes before the plan takes off, Rosa and her 9-year-old daughter show up.  Quickly, she greets everyone and introduces her daughter to Battler who she used to play with when she was little. Conversation is over and they all got aboard the plan for take off.




George and "Battler"

George and Battler

 “Battler” is the main character of Umineko. He’s straightforward, social, and witty person. He has a fear of shaky transportation like planes and boats. You can think of him like an older version of Keiichi.

“George” is Battler older cousin. He’s intelligent, polite, and hard working.  Battler has great respect for him and wants to be become more like him although both of them are completely different.

Hideyoshi, Kyrie, and Eva

Hideyoshi, Kyrie, and Eva

 “Hideyoshi” is Eva’s husband.  A jolly guy that has a friendly attitude and is well liked the other family members. He likes to speak with Japanese accent from a certain region sometimes.

“Kyrie” is Rudolf’s second wife. She gets along well with Battler and they respect each other. 

“Eva” is the daughter of Kinzo and sister of Rudolf. Rudolf and Eva argue very often like little children would. She’s an expert on different martial arts.

Maria, George and Rosa

Maria, George and Rosa

“Maria” is the loli of the Umineko. Her mother is Rosa and she’s Battler’s little cousin.  Although she’s quite innocent, she has a thing for the paranormal and the occult. You could say that she’s a combination of Rena and Rika

 “Rosa” is Maria’s mother. She’s kind and considerate.


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