Chaos;HEAd ~ Ch1 |Eyes in Eyes| (PC)


Everything is going according to plan.


But it isn’t

Takumi lives alone in a container on top of building that a friend of his father’s own. He manages to make a living by selling gold and rare items that he obtains while playing a popular online game. Similarly, he doesn’t like to interact with other people (3-D world) unless mandatory. 


Takumi and the online game he’s addicted to called Ensue.

He greatly dislikes school and sees it as such waste of time to the point he even made a system of how many days he has to attend school in order to graduate while keeping a minimum attendance. Contrary to popular belief, Takumi is actually very smart but he just does not use this intelligence very smartly. 

He spends most of time playing online games, watching anime, and admiring his figure collection. One day while he was chatting with an online friend called Grim.  Another user named “Shogun” (Commander) joins the channel but stays silent through the whole conversation. After Grim leaves the channel Shogun sends a link to Takumi and tells him that his world would chance once he clicked it.


Internetz = srrs biz

By pure accident he clicks the link and it reveals to be a grotesque scene from the latest bizarre murders called “New Generation” that are occurring in the city. Takumi totally freaks out and closes all the programs after that he stays offline the following days.


Takumi’s lair.  Inside of the container where he spents 99% of his time.


This might as well be the straight version of Itsuki.


Takumi’s self proclaimed “friend” is a major player that spent his days getting all the pretty girls in the class.  By coincidence, he learns about NewGen while he was reading a magazine only because featured a pretty girl.  For some reason he is good to Takumi and doesn’t look down on him.  His motives are unknown.




I swear I didn’t see a thing!

Takumi is a very unlucky guy. He witnesses what the demon “the demon girl” did on his way back from school  He’s even more freaked out because the demon girl knows his name and possibly his address. Telling himself that it was all just a hallucination, he quickly heads back to his lair where it’s the only place he feels safe.



All hail Seira-tan.  No, wait. Isn’t she the girl from To-Love-ru?  Oh noes!


Anyhow.. she convinces Takumi that it’s ok to remain a Hikikomori. She gave him a funny argument about how Hikikomori have the best defense in the world because they always stay at home where is safe.  I don’t know about but I think this girl might agree with you.



Sigh, I knew the little imoto character was bound to show up sooner or later.  


Takumi’s comments in the game can be very funny and quite weird in the game (you’ll see what I mean if you play the game).  Her sister “Nanami” sent by their parents comes to check up on Takumi.  Of course, the guy isn’t pleased at all.  He rather keep playing game or watching anime than interacting with 3-D people.


Delusion # 1


Level 5. Not Onikakushi’ed but she was still punished by Oyashiro-sama.


Whoa, I haven’t been 20 minutes into the game and I’ve already gotten my sis killed.  what the hell is happening in this game! This is the first time you’re introduced to the “delusion system” that is incorporated in the game.  When you hear a strange sound on top the screen if you wish you can choose to have a delusion.  In this case, Takumi pictured his sis dead because he was mad that her sister drank all his soda! This makes me think that Takumi is worse than I originally thought. 



That frog gives me some bad vibes like Maromi from Paranoia Agent.  Don’t say I didn’t warm you.


Never mind the pic that is above.  Nanami is still alive and well.  She tries to convince her brother to get a cellphone (they’re parents are even paying for it) but he refuses telling her that he has no need for it.  They keep arguring till her sister finally leaves.


As usual, Takumi goes to an internet cafe to play Ensue for a couple of hours. There he plays on a lower level character he created for fun.  He feels his other character is too popular and powerful plus he gets to do what he couldn’t with his other character, that is, kill other players or go rampage.  After he is done he head back home but a girl that is on the other side of the street catches his attention.  Initiially, her hair is covering his eyes.. she is facing your direction and you read what her lips are saying..  “Whose eyes are those?”  Scary as hell if that would happen IRL. 


Delusion #2


 Instead of the scene above you have a delusion where you listen to this girl confession as you can see above, she asks you if you’re going out with anyone?  After the delusion is over Takumi realizes that is better to stay away from her after all and makes a run for it.



Somehow, she reminds me of Miyuki from LS.  I know I know that was totally uncalled for.


Failed attempt. He doesn’t get very after as he bumps into a motorcycle and hurts his leg.  This kind girl catches up with you and insists on helping you get home saying that it’s her fault that this happened. Takumi is still very uneasy because he cannot believe a girl this pretty could be so kind to someone like him. There must be an ulterior motive!  In the end, he accepts the offer.


They make it to the top of the building where Takumi lives.  Obviously, he doesn’t want her to come in otherwise she’ll see how much of an otaku he is.. on the other hand he wants her to see so that she will open her eyes and finally leave him alone.  To his surprise she doesn’t seem to mind or rather she is a fan of Seira-tan too !? Twist! They both got into a nice anime discussion and Takumi manages to relaxe a bit.


Delusion #3


Delusional Takumi is highly delusional.  This never happens.


At this point Takumi is confused as hell.  He knows that she is too perfect to be true and what he fears the most is that he is starting to even fall for her.  Here is demonstrated that this is what his heart wishes to hear.  Possibly someone that will help him escape from his own inner hell. After the delusion is over she manages to get Takumi to accept to accompany her buy anime merchandise the next day. 








In the end, Takumi is unable to run away and they spent the whole day checking out anime stores, not that he complaining that much since he’s starting to like her even more.  However, he notices that Yua  is quite forceful and doesn’t take no for an answer.




As expected Takumi has problems dealing with all these feeling and asks his online friend Grim for a little advise. 




Character not yet introduced


Delusion #4



The only difference here is that before he before he takes a look of what was inside the bag, he already figures out that Yua is somehow related to NewGen or the demon girl. 





Alert! Alert! Alert! Alert!  Pyscho loli alert! if you ever saw one.


Takumi definitely triggers a bad flag here.  He messed up big time and this leaves Yua no choice but to reveal her identity as Miyuki Takara and her real goal.  Same as the anime, she is still too crazy.  On a separate note, it would have been very nice if she was actually that kind and not faking it imo. Her other personality is just too damm scary.  You know the rest.



Chapter 1 – CLEAR

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  1. It’s rare to see someone blog about a game, are you going to blog every chapter? That would be nice lol.

    Oh yeah and I see you killed Nanami!!! Are you checking all the choices for delusions? Althought most of the time they don’t effect the story a few of them can be important. Still you just had to kill Nanami T.T I went for the siscon delusion even though Takumi didn’t share my feelings on the matter. I don’t choose the red delusions that often, but you can miss CG’s if you don’t check em all out. Like ZOMBIE NANAMI (No joke lol…).

  2. Yes I was planning on blogging the whole game and Umineko. Bad news is that the game crashes in a scene in Chapter 2 (hospital) and I can’t get past it. Right now, I’m looking for ways to fix the problem like dl’ing a save file to get past that part otherwise no more Chaos;HEAd for me :(

    At that time I didn’t know how the delusion system worked so I was randomly choosing them and whatnot. Hopefully, I can this game working.. sigh not like Umineko no Naku Koro Ni (ep3) which I have no idea how to start the game because there is no .exe file anywhere to be found.

  3. WOW. This looks interesting. I wanna play it sometime too :D

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