“The CCH Theory.” What they aren’t telling you


 The real truth behind Chaos;HEAD.  ‘Cause you know it’s true.

Chaos;Head + Clannad + Higurashi Theory

> Ok here we go. Takumi is an obsessive otaku and a hikikomori that suffers from delusions and it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not.  He is so delusional to the point that the viewers start to doubt if anything at all is real.

 > Clannad features the idea that another world exists where only a mysterious girl (I’m assuming it’s an alternate version of Nagisa) and the robot exist. “A world that has ended” with only 2 people.. hmm, like the opening scene of CH.

> Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni is a story full of mystery and that features the idea of a higher being pulling the strings behind the town of Hinamizawa.  As we all know for some strange reason the events repeat themselves every year but a different or alternative world is shown to us.  Lastly, paranoia plays an important part of the Higurashi.

The way how things occur in Chaos;Head is like a visual game, which Takumi is addicted to. Now we have the “D-sword”, strangely enough this sword might be the solution to Takumi’s problems.  Now D-sword sounds like something comes out from a video game, what it’s interesting is that Takumi is also addicted to video games (in this case the online game Ensue).

Theory #1 D-sword and all weapons don’t exist. Takumi’s obsession with video games is what created them. Why would they even exist in the first place? Which can only lead me to conclude that everything exist because Takumi somehow wished for them to exist.

Shogun and the beggar guy are alternate or the future version of Takumi.  Shogun can easily be the result of sitting 99% of the time on his chair playing too much videogames and not doing any exercises.  On the other hand, the beggar dude is what would happen to him if he doesn’t goes to college or get a decent job at least. Since he drove everyone away he ended up alone and poor.

Theory #2 Nunnally still the most badass female character on a wheelchair to date and you know it.

Grim might be Takumi’s friend from his school who despises being a playa he’s really an otaku in denial.  Why would they even hint that his friend from school might be Grim in the first place?

Theory #3 Internetz is still the most serious business and I still don’t like Vista.

Anyhow, Clannad is good and all but what’s with the alternative world and that robot? And is that really Nagisa?

Theory #4 Key still never came up with a reasonable explanation about the alternate/illusionary world.  It’s just there to look very cool before each episode.

The phrase “Whose eyes are those?” is definitely the Hinamizawa syndrome.  He mentions that since he was young he felt like he was being watched by god.  Hmm, Oyashiro-sama is considered the local God as I recall and Rena and other that were suffering from the syndrome did say that they constantly felt that they were being watched by Oyashiro-sama.  They said that they were afraid to turn back because they would face their deaths.

Theory #5 Oyashiro-sama is always watching you.. Suuto.. Suuto…

Therefore, it’s safe to assume that after Takumi left Hinamizawa and moved to the city thus the effects of the syndrome appeared.  Same as Maebara Keiichi in Onikakushi-hen, he becomes so paranoid and delusional that he believes that Rena is out there to kill him.  Takumi in this case, thinks that Rimi is the murderer of NewGen and is scared of her to death yet she doesn’t seem to want to harm him.  Instead, it seems like she wants to help him in some way, like she knows something she isn’t telling us. See the opening of the game and first episode to confirm this. 

Theory #6 Takumi is just paranoid and he suffers from the Hinamizawa syndrome

Also, he is tricked by girl that wanted information out of him. Similar to Shion who also suffers from some sort of personality disorder (switches from a friendly to crazy) To compensate for not having a tazzer she is fairly strong or maybe Takumi is just too weak.

Theory #7 she really doesn’t need glasses but they make her look moe plus at the same time crazy as hell and I’m scared of blonde girls who wears glasses now.

Regardless how awesome CH has been I doubt we’ll get a good ending with only 13 episodes so hopefully there’s be a second season next year or all of us we’ll have to purchase the game.

Theory #8 Chaos;HEAd still needs a cute character that ends her sentence with a word like ~ah-uu, ~uguu, ~ ~desu, ~desu wa, or ~ni pah!


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  1. Theory #8 Chaos;HEAd still needs a cute character that ends her sentence with a word like ~ah-uu, ~uguu, ~ ~desu, ~desu wa, or ~ni pah!

    You know… ask and you shall recieve! XD

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