Gundam 00 S2 Ep 6 + some Code Geass.




No particular reason why I chose this episode, I just felt like writing about Gundam 00 S2 for a bit since I’m following the second season of this show as well.  So wait Setsuna and this guy didn’t fight at all!? what the hell. Did he leave or did they run away? The city is in ruins but they don’t do a darn thing.


I didn’t do anything! Don’t taze me bro. Don’t taze me!

I’m expecting at least Teria to suspect the new Lock-on to be spy after this based on the way he acted. Or maybe not..


Celestial Being’s war on crime, the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the Major Case Squad.  These are their stories.


 Give him 20 years.

This is the part where the detectives from “Law and Order” say something witty before the episode ends.  And detective Robert Goren has done it again folks.


Already a hated character.

Mannequin/kin, Revive Revival,Ribbons!, Mr. Bushido, Allelujah, Marina Ismail (smile). I demand to know who in Sunrise is in charge of making character names. I’ve never been a personal that promotes violence but sometimes I feel like punching the guy who came up with such ridiculous names. When will they ever learn? Japanese > Engrish.


Governor Nunnally.  For Onii-sama sake’s I will..

When I was first introduced to Gundam 00 I figured that Marina would play an imporant role in this anime. Sadly, Marina Ismail hasn’t done much in this or the past season and I doubt she will ever play an important job anymore besides babysitting and looking pretty for the camera.

My guess is the innumerable amount of alcohol in her body might have something to do with it.

After the massacre that happened in the last episode, Sumeragi remembers a traumatic event that changed her into what she is today. This episode hints that Sumeragi and Manequin and his deceased brother (assumed) shared a common past.


Whatever happened to the super soldier named Peries Soma. Lately, she’s been acting way too much like a normal person. This must stop I say.  Stop! I kid. I wish she would listen to Allelujah for once. The poor guy is obviously crazy about her.


As usual Sunrise is pumping up the drama whenever they got the chance. Lots and lots of slapping everywhere. It almost reminds me of Vampire Knight. Pure Kaname-senpai style, people /slap /slap.


Possibly the order in which these supporting characters will die.


It did cross my mind before but Celestial Beings are way too dependent on Sumeragi. They can think for themselves, can they not? They hardly put a fight against the A-lols. I mean they only got one power Knighmare on their side (Mr.Bushido) and the rest are small fries next generation Mobile Suits.


Saji Crossroad = a more emo and weaker Suzaku version without the spinning.


Leave Zero to me.

Mr.Bushido = definitely not as cool as Jeremiah Gottwald.  No matter how much you try Mr. Bushido, you’ll never be a main character or as epic as Orange-kun. Meanwhile, keep pestering the CB and continue thinking that you’ll make it to the last episode. Unless you change your nickname for something cool and reveal that least you:

1- Got a Geass canceller ability of that sort.
2- Actually be a Code Geass character brought from the dead by Sunrise yet again.
3- Be Cheese-kun.
4- Be the “Knight of Rounds” that they never got to show in CG.
5- Admit that in fact you are a member from the Genshiken.
6- Be the one that one the ultimately kills Saji, Ribbons, and the annoying Gundam throne chick.


From left to right : Mordred (Anya’s), Percival, Lancelot (Suzaku’s), and Tristan (Gino’s).


Lovely helmet.. And what was your role in this anime again?


Trick question. Don’t answer it!

He’s thinking “Uh-oh”. Just like in video games, bro. Move the analog stick, select target and shoot.  Oh, and don’t forget to reload before going into battle. How hard can it be?  Seriously if Saji knew that he wasn’t going to do it in the first why be a hindrance to the end. They should just keep him locked-up 24/7 after what he did in the last episode, otherwise he’s gonna mess up something again. I just dislike indecisive characters and even more when they completely mess up the story cough Suzaku cough.

In the end, it looks like he’s finally about to finally shoot and guess who is the one piloting the incoming Mobile Suit? Yeah.. it’s Louise!

|End of episode 06 : Scar|

“The past of Allelujah and Peries is being revealed.
Does that signify a reunion with Marie,
or a parting with Peries?”

|Next time: Reunion and a Farewell|