Chaos;Head ~ (PC)


If you are God, and the delusion becomes reality.
About what kind of noids you get?
Is it a sensual world. The despotic society?
The destructive sanctions?


Genre : Psychological, Sci-fi, Supernatural, Thriller
Publisher : Nitroplus (PC)
Rating :  15+
Plataform : PC and Xbox 360
Released: April 25, 2008 (PC)

Chaos;Head is a japanese visual novel by Nitroplus that revolves around a high school student named Takumi Nishijo who had opted  to deal with the real world (3-D) as little as possible as he can. He has become an obsesive otaku and a bit of a hikimori. His life changes when he becomes involved in a bizarre series of incidents that is happening in the city called “New Generation” or “NewGen” for short.


Takumi suffers from delusions that take form during the game several times. For what I’ve seen the player has the chance to select to have a hallucination when it’s available to you. The delusions are extreme representation of Takumi’s desires and they usually involve some sort of graphic scenes. 


I’m not entirely sure but I’m assuming the delusions and number of them will decide what kind of ending you get. As you can see, Takumi is delusional and paranoid as hell and things just get worse for him after he’s suspected to be related to or even be the actual murderer behind NewGen.