2008 Presidential Elections


Why should YOU vote for Zero?

That is a simple question.  

Zero will have Haruhi Suzumiya as vice president.

There will be a 50% discount on pizza on Sundays.

 Plus there will be a discount on oranges as well.

 Ashford academies will be built throughout the nation.

 Don’t vote for Obama. He sided with Suzaku in S1.

 Don’t’ vote for Mc Cain. He supported the launching of FLEIA.

Everyone will get one Cheese-Kun.

Zero supports harems.

 It was because of Mc Cain that Rolo was kept in the show for so long

 Mc Cain does not support the rebellion.

 Obama does not approve of Ashford Academy.

 Sarah Palin isn’t moe.  Haruhi is.

After Zero becomes president.  He will negociate with KyoAni so the S2 of Haruhi Suzumiya will be finally aired.

 The Code Geass games will be released in the US and then rest of the world.

 Politics have never been so much fun. While he is in government that you will never be bored.

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